You arrive in Beautiful Miami; the sun is showering you with rays of
vitamin D goodness all over your body and your endorphins have come out
to play. After you collect your bags you are greeted by our friendly Miami
Carnival Concierge who guides you to our Carnival Hunters shuttle. You
arrive at the hotel, check-in, and enjoy the day settling in… the ultimate
carnival vacation is about to begin.


In the morning you enjoy a lovely breakfast and spend the morning relaxing. This afternoon you and the rest of the Carnival Hunters will head to the first soca pool-side party for Miami Carnival! This is the party to kick off Miami Carnival, the vibe is electric, the drinks are flowing and you are dancing all the way into the night to the sounds of sweet soca music. At the end of the party, you know the vibe… IT HAS BEGUN!


Today you have a doubleheader! A breakfast party and an evening fete! Your Carnival Hunters concierge collects you and the other hunters in the morning to go to an ALL-INCLUSIVE breakfast fete! Yup! That’s right! UNLIMITED FOOD & PREMIUM ALCOHOL! By this time you see some familiar faces and have found your flow, memories of your regular life start to drift further away… you are here to party and you are doing just that… pace yourself we have another party this evening.

After relaxing at the hotel for a few hours it is time to get dressed and head to the second ALL INCLUSIVE event for today…This party is VIBEZZZZ! All of the best soca DJ’s and at least one of the top soca artists will grace the stage at this event. Time flies and before you know it you are dancing under the stars of the night sky. This is how you LIVE life to the fullest and there is nowhere else you rather be than right here!


Sleep in this morning and rejuvenate because this evening we are going to one of the most anticipated themed carnival events of the weekend! As you arrive at the outdoor venue you realize why this event is so popular. The décor, the music, the energy is undeniable and with one hand in the air, your palm stretched to the sky and your favorite drink in the other hand you can be heard singing your favorite songs of Miami Carnival. You experience the feeling of euphoria. At this point, you know it can’t get any
better than this…but just you wait until tomorrow.


This is the day that we have dreamt about since booking your trip!!! ITS
CARNIVAL DAY! Today starts early with your carnival glam appointment. At

At the end of your appointment you will have carnival make up; high-pigment colors, face gems, eyelashes, a bold lip, and/or a fresh line up. You will emerge from your carnival glam appointment like the carnival queen/king that you are… You post your first picture on social media and by the response…. You know you look good… but more importantly, you feel good!

Your Carnival Hunters concierge drops you to meet the Carnival band and you are greeted by a sea of men and women in costume. Millions of feathered pieces swaying on dancing bodies. The music truck starts to move and you are part of a big street party through the streets of Miami. There is nothing like it. As the sun goes down, the music truck leads you to the stadium for the ULTIMATE after party! The best DJ’s, the best soca
artists and the perfect end to a perfect Carnival Vacation!


Today you are checking out of the hotel, filled with memories of a vacation well spent.
As you are dropped off at the airport to board your flight you have already begun look at all the pictures of your trip and reminisce. The plane takes off and you know that you are a Carnival Hunter and this is not the last Carnival Vacation for you… In fact, you are just getting started! Next up The mecca of all Carnivals - TRINIDAD CARNIVAL!



Oct 6 - Oct 11, 2021

Image by Gradienta


Payment options:

  • Pay In Full

  • 12 monthly payments

  • 6 monthly payments

  • 3 monthly payments

ALL Packages include:

  • Airfare 

  • Hotel 

  • Carnival Costume

  • Carnival Glam Make-Up
    *Females get a complimentary makeup glam session before the parade*

  • Tickets to specified parties

  • Transportation to and from the airport and to and from all parties.

  • Carnival Parade

  • A concierge that supports you with everything during your trip so you always have a local representative



OCTOBER 6th TO 11th, 2021



OCTOBER 8th TO 11th, 2021

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