Sept. 12-20, 2022



Arrive on the Island of Barbados. This is land of the “Wuk up”; the fastest whiners in the Caribbean. You are in for a thrill! After you check in, no time to rest we are off to a drinks-inclusive cooler party. That’s right you are about to experience a different kind of party experience. The Carnival Hunters have prepared a cooler of all your favorite drinks literally at your feet in our exclusive cooler. So you know what that means, no wasting time lining up for drinks at the bar! Drinks unlimited right at your finger tips, vibes unlimited!! You have entered the Carnival Hunter Zone…Welcome to Barbados Get ready for the time of your life!


PART I: This morning you are up early and dressed for an ALL-INCLUSIVE Breakfast party. This IS the Breakfast Party of the Barbados experience! The best D.J.s are here, the vibe is here. You are dancing; enjoying an all you can eat styled Caribbean Breakfast with unlimited drinks and dancing under the warmth of the sunshine.

Part II PM: After, you will head back to your room to relax and enjoy some free time because tonight we are heading to another all-inclusive cruise. This is a signature Bajan event and you are in for a true Barbados party experience at sea. As you cruise off the coast of Barbados, the party climaxes and you are having the time of your life! You are probably thinking that it can't get any better than this… but just wait the best is yet to come…


Part I AM: Boat ride is the name and chic swimwear is the game. As you board the boat you are greeted with beautiful bodies and smiling faces. As you walk to the fully stocked bar you know that this is going to be epic! Picture yourself on the boat, surrounded by dancing bodies, with the sounds of soca dance music pulsing through your body as the cool Caribbean breeze hits your face. As you sip your drink you think it can't get any better than this!

Part II PM: After, you will head back to your room to relax and enjoy some free time because tonight we are going to party. You are in the home of the carnival hunters and we have pulled out all the stops for you… Party cyah done!


PART I: Its about 9am and you are about to experience Jouvert. A party where you and everyone else is covered in your choice of oil, paint or powder. It’s a feeling like no other…. You release your inhibitions and just party without a care in the world. Just remember to wear comfortable clothes, and an outfit that you don’t mind throwing away after party. Get ready to have FUN like you have never had before.

Part II PM: Its about 7pm and you are on your way to meet the taxi cause we are heading to another all-inclusive party. Not just any all inclusive but the signature party that everyone wants to be at. The vibe is undeniable! Drink and be merry cause you are with your Carnival Hunters family and you are taken care of!


Sleep in this morning, relax and enjoy a fun day exploring and hanging out with your Carnival Hunters family. This afternoon you are going to experience a party that is a staple in all Carnivals internationally. This party has all the top D.J.’s and is the hallmark experience for the Carnival Weekend. You are dancing, drinks are flowing and you feel ALIVE and full of Joy. Life cannot get any better than this. The best is yet to come.


Its Carnival Day! You are in costume and dancing down the streets of Barbados with your fellow Carnival Hunters by your side. The sky is blue, the Caribbean sun is kissing your face and the breeze is keeping you cool. You are surrounded by sweet soca music. You look around, surrounded by beauty and you think this is the life! Today was one of the best days of your life and you have the pictures and videos to prove it!



Today you are checking out, with the memories of a blissful carnival vacation experience. As you say goodbye to Barbados and your Carnival Hunters family, we know this is not goodbye but see you later… You are a Carnival Hunter and we know we will see you soon! Next Up New York!!!




COST: $3,890 USD per PERSON

Payment options:

  • Pay In Full

  • 12 monthly payments

  • 6 monthly payments

  • 3 monthly payments

ALL Packages include:

  • Airfare 

  • Hotel 

  • Sightseeing Tours/Experiences

  • Carnival Costume

  • Carnival Glam Make-Up
    *Females get a complimentary makeup glam session before the parade*

  • Tickets to specified parties

  • Transportation to and from the airport and to and from all parties.

  • Carnival Parade

  • A Bilingual (English/Japanese) concierge that supports you with everything during your trip so you always have a local representative


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