Day 1

Thursday July 4th 2019

Arrive in the beautiful island of St Vincent, check in, and spend the day soaking up the sun and relaxing because in just a few hours we are heading to the first party of this Carnival Vacation! You have entered the Carnival Hunter Zone… Be ready for 8pm and you are about to have the time of your life!

Day 2

Friday July 5th 2019

Sleep in today and enjoy a day of exploring and hanging with new friends cause tonight we are going to party until the sun comes up. Just picture yourself dancing and singing alone to your favorite soca music. This is the party with the best DJs, the best performances and you! Tonight will be epic and we not going home until the sun comes up!

Day 3

Saturday July 6th 2019

Today you are going to experience your first ALL INCLUSIVE party. That’s right, everything is taken of; unlimited food, unlimited drinks, unlimited music and unlimited vibes!!! You are dancing, drinks are flowing and you feel ALIVE and full of Joy. Life cannot get any better than this.

Day 4

Sunday July 7th 2019

Today you are going to one of St Vincent’s most popular parties! All of the best Artist perform, the best DJ’s play and you are surrounded by other Carnival Hunters that have not become your family. You think life could not get any better than this… but Tomorrow starts 2 days of epic carnival fun through the streets of St Vincent…. LIFE CANNOT GET ANY BETTER THAT THIS!!!

Day 5 & 6

CARNIVAL Monday July 8th 2019 & CARNIVAL TUESDAY July 9th 2019

Today is Carnival Day! You are in costume and dancing down the streets of St Vincent with your fellow masqueraders by your side. The sky is blue, the Caribbean sun is kissing your face and the breeze is keeping you cool. You are surrounded by sweet soca music. You look around, surrounded by beauty and you think this is the life!

Part II: Its not over yet! After the parade you head to the after party. You have tickets to the best cool down party on the island. It may be Monday but you are not at work, you are in the Caribbean… living your best life and tomorrow is CARNIVAL TUESDAY AND YOU GET TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

Day 7

Tuesday July 10th 2019

Today you are checking out, with the memories of a blissful carnival vacation experience. As you say goodbye to St Vincent and your Carnival Hunters family, we know this is not goodbye but see you later… You are a Carnival Hunter and we know we will see you soon! Next Up St Lucia!!!

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