Day 1

Thursday 16th April, 2020

Arrive in the Reggae Capital of the world. The vibe is intoxicating… However, you wont hear any reggae on this trip… It’s a SOCA take over! So it is going to be pure carnival vibes on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. After you check in, relax and get ready because tonight we are going to party!!!! You are entering the Carnival Hunter Zone… Get ready for the time of your life!

Day 2

Friday 17th April, 2020

Part I AM: Its about 9am and you are about to experience Jouvert. A party where you and everyone else is covered in your choice of oil, paint or powder. It’s a feeling like no other…. You release your inhibitions and just party without a care in the world. Just remember to wear comfortable clothes, and an outfit that you don’t mind throwing away after party. Get ready to have FUN like you have never had before.

Part II PM: Its about 7pm and you are on your way to meet the taxi cause we are heading to an drinks-inclusive party. Not just any all inclusive but the signature party to kick off Jamaica Carnival. The vibe is undeniable! Drink and be merry cause you are with your carnival hunters family and you are taken care of!

Day 3

Saturday 18th April, 2020

Day three, Its GO time

Part I AM: We heading to THE Breakfast Party. Let go of all your inhibitions and lets get ready for the freedom that comes with partying until the sun comes up… yup this party starts in the wee hours of the morning and we not going home until the sun comes up!

Part II PM: After, you will head back to your room to relax and enjoy some free time because tonight we are going to party. You and the carnival hunters are going to experience one the most sought after live stage shows for Jamaica Carnival weekend. You are front and center and VIP for this experience of a life-time.

Day 4

Sunday 19th April, 2020

Part I: Time to put on your costume and head over to meet your carnival band for the parade! After a tasty breakfast, its time to hit the road! Leh we go! You are having the time of your life, under the Jamaica sun. Life cannot get any better than this!

Part II PM: Its not over yet! After the parade you head to the after party. You are in your costume, you have been dancing and drinking in the streets of Jamaica and now that the sun starts to set you head into a beautiful space where you can party to your hearts content. You are partying to the music of the best DJ’s and you are surrounded by your carnival hunters family and you feel ALIVE and full of Joy. Life cannot get any better than this.

Day 5

Monday 20th April, 2020

Today you are checking out, it is time to go back from whence you came with the sweet memories of Jamaica Carnival. We know this is not goodbye but See you later… You are a Carnival Hunter and we know we will see you soon! Next Up we are cruising to Bahamas Carnival!!!

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