Day 1

Thursday June 11th 2020

Welcome to Bermuda! As you arrive on this Island you cannot help but notice its beauty, this is the home of the most beautiful beaches that you will ever experience. After you check in and relax a bit from your flight its Party time! You have entered the Carnival Hunter Zone… Get ready for the time of your life!

Day 2

Friday June 12th 2020

Part I: Breakfast party time! At 5am you will meet the other carnival hunters at the taxi to head to the part that kicks off the vibes for the weekend. As the sun rises you put on your sunglasses with one hand, you have a cup of your favorite drink in the next hand and the sun on your face. The warmth of the Bermudian sun fills your body as you sway to the sweet soca music. Life is good.

Part II: You get back to your room around 12 noon, and enjoy some free time until 7pm when you head back down to meet the taxi to go to the evening party! You are partying to the music of the best DJ’s, surrounded by your carnival hunter’s family and you feel ALIVE and full of Joy. Life cannot get any better than this.

Day 3

Saturday June 13th 2020

Beach Party today! Today you get to experience Bermuda’s beautiful beach. This is the best backdrop for an awesome time with your crew! You can choose to dance on the beach or in the water, either way you are surrounded by sweet soca music and beautiful dancing bodies.

Day 4

Sunday June 14th 2020

Breakfast party time! This is a drinks-inclusive experience with the best international DJ’s, all primed and ready with one goal on their mind: For you to have the time of your life! You raise your glass in the air and toast to Life! The fun has just begun

Party II: We pause the festivities to take you back to your room to change and get ready for this evening! The Bermuda Carnival weekend has just begun! The adrenaline is pumping and you have the melody of your favorite songs playing in your mind as you get ready for party #2 tonight! After you see live performances from the hottest soca artists, the party climaxes and you are probably thinking that it cant get any better than this… but just wait the best is yet to come…

Day 5

CARNIVAL Monday June 15th 2020

Carnival Day! You are in costume and dancing down the streets of Bermuda with a gorgeous view of the coast on one side and your fellow masqueraders on the other. In front of you there is a music truck blasting sweet soca music through the speakers. You look around, surrounded by beauty and you think this is the life!

Part II: Its not over yet! After the parade you head to the after party. You are in your costume, you have been dancing and drinking in the streets of Bermuda! You feel ALIVE and full of joy as you dance your way into the final party of the trip. You are living your best life.

Day 6

Tuesday June 16th 2020

Today you are checking out, with the memories of a blissful carnival vacation experience. As you say goodbye to Bermuda and your Carnival Hunters family, we know this is not goodbye but see you later… You are a Carnival Hunter and we know we will see you soon! Next Up St Vincent!!!

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