Day 1

Friday 3rd May 2019

Arrive at 3pm at the Miami port of call to board the Carnival Cruise Line. From the time you step on the boat, drinks are flowing, get ready to fete on the seas all the way to Bahamas.

Day 2

Saturday 4th May 2019

Today is carnival day! Its 8am, time to put on your costume and get ready to get off the boat and step on to beautiful Island of Bahamas. The bus is waiting for you to take you and the rest of the Carnival Hunters to meet Euphoria Madness Mas band. You will have an entire day of dancing, laughing, eating, making new friends, hanging with old friends and drinking to your hearts content. This is something that you have never experience. Complete freedom. Nothing holding you back. Life is good.

Part II: Its not over yet! After the parade you head to the after party. You are in your costume, you have been dancing and drinking in the streets of Bahamas and now that the sun starts to set you head back to the boat to continue the party all the way back to Miami!

Day 3

Sunday 5th May 2019

It 8pm and you are back in Miami. As you get off the boat you are filled with nostalgia with the memories of a blissful carnival vacation experience. As you say goodbye to your Carnival Hunters family, we know this is not goodbye but see you later… You are a Carnival Hunter and we know we will see you soon! Next Up Bermuda!!!

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