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Day 1: Thursday 30th August 2018

Arrive in the fashion capital of the world for the largest carnival in North America! Check into your room and get ready for the 1st party that welcomes you to New York Carnival. You are entering the Carnival Hunter Zone… Get ready for the time of your life!

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Day 2: Friday 31st August 2018

Sleep in today and enjoy being in New York! This is the day to explore Manhattan, visit friends and do what you want to do. Later in the evening you will be front and center in the first concert for the carnival weekend. This event ensures to have you singing and dancing the night away as you see your favorite soca super stars on the big stage… We are just getting started.

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Day 3: Saturday 1st September 2018

Day three, Its GO time

Part I AM: You are already warmed up and in the vibe, today is beginning of the carnival weekend… This is the first “double-header” day! In the morning you will experience the joy of being under the sun, drinking your favorite beverage and dancing to the sounds of soca music. Nothing like some vitamin D to elevate the vibe!

Part II PM: After, you will head back to your room to relax and enjoy some free time because tonight we are going to party. You and the carnival hunters are going to experience one the most sought after parties that the weekend has to offer… Get ready to party the night away with New York’s best soca DJs!

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Day 4: Sunday 2nd September 2018

Day four, The pace is heating up…

Part I AM: Introducing THE Breakfast Party. Yup, that’s right we are going to be up and out at 8am to experience THE breakfast party of Labor Day weekend. Enjoy a Caribbean Breakfast and your favorite drinks as you dance under the warmth of the sunshine. This is a Carnival Hunters exclusive event.

Part II PM: After, you will head back to your room to relax and enjoy some free time because tonight we are ending the weekend in true Caribbean style. We arrive to our afternoon party and as the party climaxes you are having the time of your life and you are probably thinking that it cant get any better than this… but just wait the best is yet to come…

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Day 5: Labor Day Monday 3rd September 2018

Time to put on your costume and head over to meet your carnival band for the parade! After a tasty breakfast, its time to hit the road! Leh we go! You are having the time of your life, in the biggest street parade in America. You are in costume, engulfed by sweet soca music, drinks are flowing and you are surrounded by your carnival hunters family! Life is good.

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Day 6: Tuesday 4th September 2018

Today you are checking out, it is time to go back home…with the memories of a blissful weekend. We know this is not goodbye but See you later… You are a Carnival Hunter and we know we will see you soon!  Next Up Miami!!!





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